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Sumnima is the world’s most advanced mobile design for magento 1.9.1 themes. sumnima isn’t simply a responsive magento theme — it’s better in every way. RWD, yet beautifully design for mobile. New sumnima more compact and all new design for mobile version no more tradition mobile design and pixels icon.

With a smooth Native Mobile Application base design that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD iPhone, iPad or Mac display. No more pixel icons, we design all new thin and flat icon for retina device.

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  • When even we design themes. We foucs to design compelete store not just a theme with multipal color or layout. That gave our theme lightness and entirely different then other theme. Our 90% of buyers were Store Owner & 10% Web Design Agency & Developer.

Mobile Shoppers

Mobile shoppers most often use their mobile devices for assistance when shopping for electronics (60 percent) than any other product type. Following electronics, mobile shoppers most frequently use their devices while shopping in physical retail stores for groceries (55 percent), apparel (47 percent), shoes (45 percent), and health and beauty products (39 percent).

While shopping specifically for electronics, mobile shoppers use their devices to compare prices (63 percent), read customer ratings or reviews (52 percent) and search the Internet for more information (51 percent).

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Gorgeous Light CSS3
& Font Icons for Retina Display

Some Awesome In-build Add-ons
& Features

overriding, conflict, js repetitions and lots of trobule with 3rd party extension.
So we decide to make our own simple addons. Which works light and beautifully.

Mobile Headers

iPhone Theme Guided tours

Guided tours videos will show you how to use hidden feature.